The rooms

Hospitality, comfort and silence

Two elegant, sober double rooms with private bathroom with window, shower head, toilet and bidet, hairdryer, courtesy kit, bathrobes, towels, sheets, pillowcases, double pillows, blankets.

The rooms offer direct access to the outside; windows darkened with shutters

Each room has binoculars, WiFi, Air Conditioning with autonomous regulation, 42-inch TV with satellite channels.

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The space – between the two rooms – has a sofa, armchairs, dining table for 8 people, refrigerator with drinks and water always available,
small library of Italian/English bilingual books on lighthouses and 55-inch TV with satellite channels.

Now they were very close to the lighthouse. There he was standing, naked and straight, dazzling in black and white, and you could see the waves breaking into white shards like broken glass against the rocks. You could see the veins and cracks in the rocks.

The windows were clearly visible; a touch of white on one of them, and a tuft of green on the rock. A man had gone out and looked at them with his telescope and returned. That’s how it was, thought James, the Lighthouse they had all those years seen across the bay; it was a bare tower on a deserted rock.

(Virginia Woolf)