The lighthouse kitchen

From the sea, to the table

The fully equipped kitchen is managed by the staff and by the cook of the lighthouse.

The day begins with breakfast, outside, under the pergola.

The chef prepares the table following the style and taste of the guests, enhancing the quality of the early morning hours, capturing the atmosphere full of energy that opens to the day with endless possibilities.

Lunch and dinner are prepared under the banner of authenticity, with fresh land and sea products, prepared with full respect for local Mediterranean traditions but with an innovative touch.

Squids, octopus, cod, cuttlefish, shrimps, tuna and sea bass, blue fish are combined with pasta and vegetables. Or meat, fillets, ribs, braised meats and meatballs baked in the oven, grilled, with sauces, icings and tasty side dishes from local farms. Fruit, always, in season.

Coffee and drinks, wine and beer.

Meals are accompanied by wines that enhance unique flavors and original tastes. Upon request, the staff provides refined wines, as well as specific liqueurs or spirits.

In the afternoon the staff always prepares tea with homemade cookies.

Cocktails are prepared throughout the day upon request.

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I just wanted to end my life in a lighthouse in the middle of the sea with my cello.

(LaWho_Margot, Twitter)