An exclusive Stay

Not far from coast, the Formiche Lighthouse

The island can accommodate 4 people for a minimum stay of two nights or for a longer period.

It’s a deeply interpenetrating, sensory and transformative experience.  The charm of the lighthouse is perceived as soon as you dock at its pier. Access is exclusively private. The size of six hectares of the island allows you to tour it in about twenty minutes taking its wild, burnt, changing with the seasons, from barren is filled with vegetation and wild flowers in spring. 

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You can isolate yourself in a secluded corner of the island, indulge in a sun bed in the shade of an umbrella, swing on a hammock, read a book, listen to music, paint, swim, sunbathe, doze under the gazebo or in one of the pitches equipped with a relaxation area. You can forget your watch.

You can benefit from the spring water at 38.7° C degrees that gush from a rock and relax in the tub at any time of day or night. An immense pleasure that at night is even more enveloping under the mantle of the firmament.

The island induces you to find yourself. It can become the ideal environment to write a book, a song, love letters; to detoxify from reality.

For your holiday choose the lighthouse

A new journey, a new adventure, a unique experience that gives you energy, serenity and well-being.

The lighthouse has many stories to tell. Just listen to them in the sound of the sea.